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Keeping up with the Modern Library Work at the City Library of Iisalmi

For me the most fundamental aspect of modern library is that it offers several interfaces to its collection and services. Different people need different kind of access and when our customer base is constantly becoming more and more segmented, it is very important that everyone feels that the library has something valuable to offer for … Continue reading

Library wants to serve seniors

I represent our library in the council of senior citizens. The main task of the council is to promote and help elderly people to manage in their everyday life: e.g.residing, health service or cultural needs. The city of Iisalmi wants to cooperate with senior citizens and we have meetings once a month. We discuss topics … Continue reading

Arucas Municipal Library presents “LIBRARY. I LOVE IT!”

13th September 2013, public presentation of “Libray. I love it!” in Arucas city.

Arucas Library promotes our project!

Arucas Library promotes our project!