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Library wants to serve seniors

I represent our library in the council of senior citizens. The main task of the council is to promote and help elderly people to manage in their everyday life: e.g.residing, health service or cultural needs. The city of Iisalmi wants to cooperate with senior citizens and we have meetings once a month. We discuss topics like traffic organization, service buildings for seniors, common excursion and so on. I listen to what they have to say about our library service. How they want to promote our service. And what I heard: They wanted more information! I have thought that everybody knows the library (grazy me!) and e.g. it’s good selection of magazines and newspapers. The periodicals reading room is open 8.00 – 19.00, and there are often people waiting for the door opening. It’s good to go into the middle of people and listen what they want. Great many old people don’t dare to ask service because of illnesses, troubles with walking or some other obstacle. It’s important to our library to give support seniors and encourage them to use our services. We have book delivery service, where we take books to clients. It is not so popular than it could be. In Iisalmi there are quite a lot of seniors, but only 14 belongs to the circle of the distributing. The week 41 is dedicated to elderly people in Finland. Then it’s good time to give rise to advertising.



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