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Seven times surprise!


Seven times Suprise!

This word has been one of the happiest and the most important word in the life of The City Library of Iisalmi. The first surprise was the successful meeting in the polish library during the project named Youth in Action in 2012. We met colleagues in Piekary Slaskie from Lithuania, Kroatia and Gran Canaria. We had workshops in order to advertise reading and remind that libraries are fashionable and important for the youngsters. In every country we have the same problem: young people don’t read books as they did years ago. The new technology has won – internet and play stations are more popular. Is it surprise? No – but the libraries want to continue the battle against inactivity and emphasize the importance of literacy and the world of literature. Libraries are the treasures of fiction and full of stories.

In this year we got a new surprise from Poland. We are involved in the new project of Lifelong Learning Program of EU called “Library. I love it!” .  The group of the partners has expanded – we have got new friends from Turkey, Italy, Czech Republic and Austria besides the old ones. It is surprise that after one meeting we are as old friends. During the working days we have had much to see, to discuss, to argue, to learn and laugh. We have had marvelous lunches and dinners with national food. We have had time to tell about our own habits in everyday life, about our families and home countries. Of course the main point has been to make acquaintance with libraries, culture and history. The focus of the project is to learn more about librarianship in other countries – the means and manners of everyday work.

This all has been a big surprise. It was said in one lection in Warsaw “you must have passion”, “libraries are centers of modern life” or “the libraries are links to the future”– I think that we all in the project  are full of passion to develop our libraries. We must have inspiration and courage. We say NO to forgiveness and YES to promise.

Surprise yourself and surprise your clients! If you don’t dare to do anything, you don’t get anything.



2 thoughts on “Seven times surprise!

  1. Dear partners,
    we would like to share with you many things, but unfortunately in this moment, we are in library still not completed. Tajana doesn’t work, but she’s getting better. Last month was very hard for us and we should have take many effort to finish all activities we have planed.
    We know that all about our project has been a big and nice surprise!
    Her impressions of visiting Poland and Turkey Izabel still share with us every day. Anyway, we made one exibition about our meetings. You can see everything on our facebook page.
    Regards from Korčula
    At the end:

    We dare to do everything, and we are expecting many good things!

    Posted by gradskaknjiznicaivanvidali | November 29, 2013, 10:59 am
  2. We read your words with great pleasure. We are very pleased because the project brought us a lot of great things and a joy to our friends and us. We hope that 2014 will also be successful and will bring for all of us new experience and knowledge. We are looking forward our next meeting in Arucas on Gran Canaria.

    Greetings for all our Friends and people who like our project LIBRARY.I LOVE IT!
    Librarians and volunteers of the Library in Piekary Slaskie.

    Posted by libraryeu | December 11, 2013, 2:37 am

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