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Pokkari on Tour

TontutThe 24th of November marked yet another successful trade fair event for Pokkari, the mobile car of the City Library of Iisalmi. This time the majority of pre-planning fell into hands of Leena Korpela – the newest member of our regular staff. However, she handled everything like a seasoned veteran and at Sunday morning when I arrived at the Iisalmi sports hall, the last minute preparations were almost done. We had with us the usual repertoire of used books and cd’s, but in the spirit of forthcoming holiday season they wrapped in cheerful Christmas paper. From Leena’s suggestion we had also borrowed a badge making kit, which at first seemed a bit too complicated piece of machinery for my taste. One test run proved these assumptions wrong, but I didn’t complain, when Leena handled most of the badge making duties. At first, the trade fair event seemed to have somewhat slow start and for a moment I began to worry that we would have a very boring day ahead of us. After an hour things got more hectic and nearly constant flow of customers kept us busy until the very end.

Among other things, my responsibilities involved taking photos of the event. The conditions for this were not as optimal as in summer, but afterwards some Lightroom fixing made the end results more than satisfactory. Equally important task was to make sure that we sold most of our Christmas packets. We didn’t want to bring any of them back to the main library and were very relieved that at the end of the day only three packets remained unsold. The badges also proved to be a bit too popular among our younger visitors and unfortunately we ran out of badge material sooner than we would have liked. This didn’t cause any annoyance, as we also had large bowls of candy sitting on both desks. There was also a lot of chatting and during the day we met many familiar faces and made a few new acquaintances. Our first visitors were from Estonia and seemed to be quite delighted of our modern mobile library unit.

Leena and Petri were clearly having a good time and so did I. We already planned some forthcoming events and hopefully these plans turn into more concrete activities in the near future. Please feel free to check pictures of Pokkari from our Flickr-site. Hopefully many of you also get a live view of Pokkari in next August, when Iisalmi hosts the Library.I Love it -conference. See you then 🙂



About tuomolindfors

Librarian at the City Library of Iisalmi.


One thought on “Pokkari on Tour

  1. Fine !- you all have had a successful day:)

    Posted by Ullamaija Hirvonen | November 26, 2013, 8:29 am

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