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Korčula is waiting for you!

Dear partners,

finally we find the time to publish something on our blog. In our library is currently (the end of the year ) a lot of work, many financial reports and programs to write. We are only two now and we have to do all  necessary for the normal activity of our library. Tajana still can not work, but everything is getting better! Every day we talk about our project and the beautiful experience of recent mobilities. Soon we begin to prepare everything for your visit the island of Korcula. About project „Library.I love it“, we sent an article  to Croatian Librarian News Magazine. It can be viewed at http://hkdrustvo.hr/hkdnovosti/clanak/761.

By the way, we also accept the offer to take part in the e-book story.  Only, we have a few questions for Arucas Library: What that means (in your mail from 19.11.2013.) „better if these poetries have been written by a new author“. Does that mean:  an unknown author or an author who has not yet been published or an young author.

Please Loly, send us an answer!

Greetings from Korčula



One thought on “Korčula is waiting for you!

  1. Greetings to Tatjana from Iisalmi!!! We also take part in the e-book story. Tuika has sent the poem.
    We are really waiting for coming to Korcula:)

    Posted by ullamaijahirvonen | December 9, 2013, 5:46 am

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