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Reading circle in Iisalmi Public Library in Finland

One form of representing and advertising literature and reading in general is to keep up a literature study circle. There one can discuss matters of reading experiences with others. We have had this kind of reading circle here in public library of Iisalmi for years now.

Our circle works as follows.

The circle is fully functional only in studying seasons, not in summer. It means, however, that even if the group doesn’t gather in summer, members read books during the summer time. These books are usually chosen in the last meeting in spring. Then these books are to be discussed in the first meeting in autumn.


There are about ten active members, from whom 5-8 are present at time. The group gathers usually once a month. So there are five gatherings in spring, four in autumn. In every first meeting of the season the group plans together, what to read in time to come.

For each meeting someone is going to do some preliminary study about the subject – in this case about the book and the author. The very same someone holds then an introduction to the others.  After that the room is open for discussion.

This reading circle is held in co-operation with Ylä-Savon Kirjoittajayhdistys Sonetti, which is a literal association in northern Savo here in Finland. Some employees of our library are keen members of the association.

18.12. 2013 Petri Lehto-oksa


About plehtooksa

I work as a librarian In Iisalmi City Library in Finland. My specialty is music and AV-material. I am a male.


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