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Guided tour in the center of Rome

visita guidata3560

Tuesday morning has been organized a visit of the historical center of the city, accompanied by an expert guide who explained the main artistic beauty of Rome. During the walk to the Colosseum, was visited the Basilica of St. Clement, one of the most important early Christian sites with mosaics and where the guests they could admire, down in the basement ,also the medieval frescoes of the Lower Basilica from the IV century with inscriptions medieval represent the first example in which the vulgar, the first nucleus of the Italian language, has been used in figurative art.
The visit is then developed on the Via dei Fori Imperiali which have been externally admired, to continue towards Piazza Venezia, Via del Corso to reach the Trevi Fountain, a must for every tourist who comes to Rome, full of charm due to its scenic location and architectural structure.
Returning through Piazza di Pietra, our guests have come to admire the majesty and beauty of the Pantheon, the Roman temple built by Emperor Hadrian and dedicated to all the gods, present and future, and where our guests were able to admire the architectural aesthetic perfection and balance.
 As planned, we finally came to the Angelica Library where colleagues were waiting us for the visit.



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