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Guided tour of Villa Altieri

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The day of June 11 was dedicated entirely to Villa Altieri Palace of Culture and Historical Memory, which is also home to the Provincial Library. Guests are welcomed there was the colleague Claudio Noviello which is one of the archaeologists who oversaw the archaeological excavations of the villa and restoration operations. With an accurate and detailed guided tour, our guests have discovered the treasures of the building and its different functions and uses. The archaeologist has shown them and explained the external structure of the facade, the architectural details and the work of conservation and development carried out by the restoration works. Then great attention has been paid to the archaeological excavations of the ground floor, where they were brought to light interesting findings and in the future will be set up where the archaeological collection of the Altieri family: this space is the so-called Loggia “open” where it already located the ‘ancient archaeological collection eighteenth century. The final museum project also provides that everything will have an informative and educational aspects, as well a research laboratories and protection over the entire area. During the visit of all the other plans, were seen  some frescoes that are under restoration and up to the terrace where is possible enjoy a great view of the entire area of the Esquiline and beyond.



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