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Guided tour to Domus Romane.


After the meeting and some photos taken in the courtyard of Palazzo
Valentini, we offered our guests a visit to the Domus Romane an
archaeological site recently discovered under the Palace of the province.
“An unforgettable journey through time.” The charming journey through the
remains of the “Domus” patrician of the imperial age, belonging to powerful
families of that era, with mosaics, polychrome decorated walls and floors,
is supported by powerful redevelopment project with the use of graphic
effects and projected virtual reconstructions overlapping the existing
documents that give life to those of the past.

The visitor sees “born again” walls, rooms, peristyle, kitchens, baths,
furnishings and decorations, making a virtual tour inside a large Domus
ancient Rome. Our guests have told us that the visit was a really exciting
and impressive experience.

The typical restaurant Antica Birreria Peroni welcomed us after the visit
for a moment of relax and the dinner after our busy day. In this place
since a hundred years Romans and tourists meet to eat, drink, laugh, joke
and relax in the company and here we have tasted a good local beer and
enjoyed the genuine and traditional dishes of Rome.



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