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Palazzo Valentini, presentation, organization and exchange of good practices

On Tuesday afternoon, a meeting was held at Palazzo Valentini in the Hall which was the former headquarters of the Provincial Library, where was presented the history and the heritage of the Provincial Library of Rome and the activities of the provincial library system.
So the exchange of good practices Interlaced two European projects: the Grundtvig project “Library. I love it! ” and the project entitled” Intercultural Mediation in the metropolitan area of Rome: systems and experimentation” financed by the program FEI (European Fund for the integration of migrants and third country).  In the FEI project were involved, over the year, four libraries of the province territory in the City of Anzio, Fiumicino, Lanuvio and S. Marinella, in coordination with the VIII Department – Libraries Net Office of the Province of Rome, as a partner. The activity where presented by Paola Berbeglia, from the project leader CREA Association, who also answered numerous questions of analysis addressed by the partners. The local librarians present at the meeting then brought their experience and made an initial assessment of the results achieved in the course of the project itself, along with wishes to continue in the future.
To follow, an internal working meeting was held whit the partner, were the Arucas Municipal Library showed the first draw of a video prepared as precious fruit of the work of storytelling, curated by the Library for many years with considerable success, given the involvement of young and old and the entire local community.



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