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Thursday 28.8.2014: Guided tour of the Sonkajärvi Municipal Library

Sonkajärvi Municipal Library is one of the Rutakko Networks libraries. Sonkajärvi is situated about 20 minutes’ drive from Iisalmi. The library director Eeva Keränen started the tour by presenting some facts about municipality and the library. The most important operator in library space in addition to the library is the communal college which provides dozens of courses to local citizens. They also have a branch library in Sukeva, where the municipality’s citizen services are also located.

Eeva Keränen and guests

Photos © Tuomo Lindfors

Library assistant Merja Lehtola continued the presentation by carrying us to the extraordinary world of Wife Carrying Championships. After the most fantastic slideshow we wondered if the library should have its own team on the race next summer!

Merja Lehtola

After a short coffee break we headed to see the library space. We started from the children’s department where we saw once again a cozy corner for the library’s littlest customers. Merja told about the collections and led us through the adult department to the basement where most of the communal college courses take place. After the exquisite tour in the library we once again hopped on to the bus which took us back to Iisalmi where the second project meeting was held. What a busy day once again!



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