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Thursday 28.8.2014: Visit to the Savonia University of Applied Sciences Iisalmi Campus

After the visit to Genelec we hurried to the Savonia Iisalmi campus where library’s information specialist Kari Huttunen told facts and figures about the University of Applied Sciences and the Iisalmi campus library. He told that all the university and university of applied sciences libraries in Finland are open to public – and loaning is free of charge. The library provides an opportunity to train information skills (information literacy, search evaluation, information retrieval skills etc.) to the students. Some of it is optional and some of it is included in the compulsory studies.

Kari Huttunen's slideshow

After the presentation we had a chance to make a tour in the campus library. The library is quite small, only three fields of studies (agriculture and rural development, social services and engineering) are represented more broadly in the library’s collections. Some of our guests made comments about the great seating area beside the back wall with fantastic natural light flowing in. Not a chance to disagree – aren’t those students lucky when having a chance to spend their studies in such relaxed space!

Savonia Library

Photos © Tuomo Lindfors



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