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Tuesday 26.8.2014: A Guided Tour in Juhani Aho Museum, the Koljonvirta Historical Area and the Gala Dinner

Next we hopped on to the bus and the City guide Iikka Kauppinen took us to a journey to the world of interesting little facts of our city. We learned for instance that the city is surrounded by waters and also we were told about the important characters of the city history.

Firstly, we arrived to the Juhani Aho Museum http://www.iisalmi.fi/Suomeksi/Palvelut/Kulttuuripalvelut/Museot/Juhani-Ahon-museo . Juhani Aho was one of the first modernist authors in Finland and lived in Iisalmi area. Museum is dedicated to him, including author’s artifacts such as his personal typewriter, furniture and other miscellaneous items. On the area, there are still the old buildings and for example sauna by the Koljonvirta stream.

Koljonvirta area is one of the places where the Finnish War took action. There is a display about the Koljonvirta Battle with for example maps and soldiers’ uniforms in Mäntylä house. A plenty of literature about the war has been written – for example the most well-known tales in Finland might be the story of Vänrikki (2nd lieutenant) Ståhl. After the museum tour we headed to lunch in Koljonvirta camping area and soon after that to Kustaa Adolf church http://www.iisalmenseurakunta.fi/english . The church guide Sanna Heikkinen told briefly about the history of the church and parish of Iisalmi.

Guide Iikka Kauppinen and the Juhani Aho statue              Juhani Aho Museum on a rainy day

The final event of Tuesday was a gala dinner hosted by City Mayor Jarmo Ronkainen. It took place in Restaurant Olutmestari, an idyllic wooden building in the Iisalmi harbor. Mr. Ronkainen welcomed the guests and gave a brief speech which contained the most important facts of the Iisalmi area. Otherwise the evening went by with good food and lively conversation.

Gala Dinner

Photos © Tuomo Lindfors



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