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Tuesday 26.8.2014: A Tour in the City Library of Iisalmi

The librarian of the adult department Tuomo Lindfors held a short presentation about the facts and figures of the City Library. The guests were interested in the acquisition funding and the state’s support system to the public libraries in general.

Librarian Marja Kettunen guided us through the children’s department where we learned about the collection: loanable items such as movies, books, games, music and audio books for children and young adults. In the children’s department, there is also a chance to play Wii® and board games. Some of the visitors were surprised that the library doesn’t collect overdue fines or reservation fees of the children’s material.

Next we headed to the music department where our library trainee Miika Nevalainen talked shortly about the music collection. He also introduced the recently renovated gaming room, where the customers can play video games, listen to music and watch movies by reserving the room. The room has been one of the most popular services in our library.

Tuomo continued by presenting the adult department. On the history section where former, now retired history teacher Erkki Leinonen told about the Iisalmi region’s history and led our thoughts towards our next destination in Koljonvirta.

Former teacher Erkki Leinonen  Mobile Library Pokkari

Photos © Tuomo Lindfors



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