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Wednesday 27th of August: Learn!

Wednesday 27th of August was the Learn! day of the Iisalmi meeting. Our purpose was to offer our guest a comprehensive picture of some of the most interesting developments in the Finnish library field. In this task we were fortunate enough to receive help from very interesting and skillful lecturers: Jarmo Saarti is one of the leading experts of both academic and public libraries in Finland. Aino Ketonen heads The Public Libraries Consortium –project which aims to increase the co-operation between public libraries on a national level.

Jarmo Saarti

Eeva Hiltunen and Taina Pirhonen came from Regional State Agency (AVI) – a governmental organization –  which is responsible both guiding and supporting public libraries. Also present were the member libraries of the Rutakko Network who gave a joint introduction to the functions of the typical library network in Finland. To make the day even more exciting, we had invited a Kirjastokaista (the Internet TV of Finnish libraries) to Iisalmi which broadcasted the seminar part of the day live on their web site and also stored it for later viewing (http://www.kirjastokaista.fi/en/tag/library-i-love-it/). And as a final touch we had guests from other libraries of the Northern Savo Region. The theme of the day was networking as it was present in all lectures and also in the Learning Café which formed the latter part of the seminar.

Eeva Hiltunen

Each lecturer had a different perspective to this concept and thus our guest got a clear picture how the Finnish libraries implement the idea of networking is in local and national level. Jarmo Saarti took the idea even further as in his part he analyzed it in a theoretical context. His opinions seemed to interest the audience most and made a profound impact also to the future development of the Library.I Love It! project. For us, the greatest challenge was the panel discussion featuring participants from all libraries of the Rutakko network. We had been preparing it for some time and last adjustments were made when Eeva Hiltunen and Taina Pirhonen were giving their lecture. However, on stage everything went really well and the performance has got lots of positive feedback from the audience.


Photos © Tuomo Lindfors



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