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First day in Korčula!

On Wednesday 24th September, the program of our meeting, continues in the town of Korcula. Articles: http://dubrovacki.hr/clanak/67122/u-korculi-zapoceo-medunarodni-susret-knjiznicara. 

In the Korčula Cultural Centre, welcome performance was organized by the pupils of the “Petar Kanavelić” Primary School.


The Partners were briefly informed about the most important persons and attractions of Korčula’s local heritage. Special attention was put on the sword dance “Moreska” performed by kindergarten children. Lana Filippi Brkić, director of the Cultural Centar presented all the activities the center organizes. http://www.kulturakorcula.hr .  At the end, the director of the Korčula City Library, Tajana Grbin, showed a power point presentation about the meeting in Croatia.


The working session of our meeting was organized in the Library. The partners spoke about the results of the previous meeting in Finland and discussed  the guide “Inspirer of the Modern Librarian”. They talked about the common video and about the future meetings in the Czech Republic and Austria.


After each partner of the  Library. I love it! project signed the banner which was hanged at the entrance to the building of the Cultural Center, the guided tour of Korčula historical center was organized. It has been a real historical adventure in the hands of Lea Čumbelić, a professional guide.

Official reception was at the Town Hall. The Mayor and the project partners discussed the importance of librarianship in cultural development of the island.

After lunch and meeting with the author and publicist Mr.  Dušan Kalogjera, we went on the island tour and visited island public libraries of Blato and Vela Luka. The hosts prepared a nice welcome and showed local attractions such as the ethno house “Barilo” and archaeological site Great Cave in Vela Luka. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vela_Spila

Articles: http://www.blato.hr/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=9725:library-i-love-it&catid=5&Itemid=4 http://www.dubrovacki.hr/clanak/67165/knjiznicari-europe-posjetili-narodnu-knjiznicu-sime-vucetic?display_desktop_on_moble=1




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