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Croatia – Last Day!

This year marks the 800th anniversary of the Statute of the Town and Island of Korčula.



Within the framework of the Programme, the Symposium about Statute started at 08.00 on Friday, September 26th, 2014.


IMG_1004We participated in the celebration of the opening ceremony, where important persons of public and political life were presented, such as Mr. Josip Leko, the President of the Croatian Parliament.

We saw the exhibition of publications prepared by Korčula City Library, aimed at showing the publishing of books on the island from the last century to the present day.

After, in the library, the workshop “How to Become a Moreška Dancer” was organized. The workshop leader Fani Matulović, who used to be Bula in the past, in a very emotional way told us about the family tradition of playing the role of the “Bula” or “Moreškant” in the Town of Korcula.  Today she teaches young girls how to play this important role in the traditional sword dance. The partners learned many interesting things about our folklore and each of them tried to become Bula or Moreškant for one moment.


We visited the Archival Documentary Center of Korčula situated in Žrnovo. After, we took the walk to the restaurant Atrij, where a culinary workshop was organized.

We learned about the traditional dish named “Žrnovski makaruni” and tried to make this homemade pasta by ourselves. At the end, we tasted this delicious dish. With dalmation songs and excellent mood, we had a great time!

We’ve also seen Moštra – a dance with swords, folklore tradition originally from Žrnovo.




We visited the famous (all over the world!) Cake Shop “Cukarin” in Korčula where the owner Smiljana told us the story about traditional sweeties. Tasting after all – was a real gastronomic experience!

Meeting with students of the Gymnasium in Korcula was held in the library. Students are individually asked each of partner a various questions related to the library users, library services, reading habits etc. It was pleasant conversation, interesting for both sides, especially for croatian students.

And the cherry on top of the cake: “Moreška” sword dance performed by Folklore Society of “St. Cecilia”. So finally partners could “See”  the original performance!



Peter Kanavelić, poet from Korčula from the 17th century,  was waiting for us at the entrance to the Old Town. He told us the story of his life and took us far away into the past. In the restaurant situated in his birth house we had a farewell dinner, the awarding of Certificates of Participation and we said goodbye until our next mobility – the Czech Republic! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Petar_Kanaveli%C4%87




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