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The project Library. I love it! is coming to its end.
August 2013 seems so far away now, and we are very busy giving shape to the results of this Grundtvig learning agreement: The guide Inspirer of the modern librarian is on its way, and also the video Through Europe with the libraries and the exhibition Panorama of European libraries.
Along these almost two years, we have learned very much about our countries and libraries: Poland and its libraries going fast into the XXI century; the ancient heritage of Turkey and Italy; the efficiency of Finnish libraries and the social value of libraries in Croatia. Czech Republic and Austria are the next destinations that we are anxiously awaiting for.
There are many differences between the libraries that take part in this project: the buildings, the collection, the legal regulation, etc.
But we agree on the spirit of our dairy work, and this is the certainty that libraries change lives.
As we can read in http://www.publiclibraries2020.eu: “Public libraries are about empowering citizens of all ages to develop and create the skills, knowledge and ideas they need to participate fully and independently in society”.
That is what we are learning by ourselves with our project Library. I love it! and no more than this is what we have to put in action through the libraries.
Because the citizens need it and we work for them. In this way, the librarians have a big responsibility and need continuous training to carry it out.
Thanks to the EU funding, we have had the opportunity to put our libraries in the local top, increasing the importance of this local service. Not only politicians and journalists have put their eyes on the libraries, but especially people who have discover that their local libraries could be a bridge to build a stronger concept of Europe for its citizens.
Public libraries could be a space – trustworthy and open to everyone– to learn, discover and share. Let´s put all our knowledge and experience to make it happen!



One thought on “In the countdown…

  1. The main idea of ​​your article is very important for the community.Public libraries and librarians have an important role in community development. We hope that “Library. I love it!” project has been an opportunity for expressing this truth to society. Thanks to everyone who takes a part in this nice project.

    Posted by aydinkulturturizm | February 2, 2015, 10:25 pm

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