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A look back: “Library – I love it!” meeting in Dornbirn – Monday

On Monday, we had a day packed full of information. We got an in –depth look into the work and organization of Dornbirn library and its network, the Austrian library system and the importance and value of libraries in Austria.

In the morning, Ulrike Unterthurner gave the participants an introduction to Dornbirn City Library, its main programms and the Dornbirn Library Network as well as the Bibliotheksverband Vorarlberg, the countywide library network. Afterwards, we visited the library of the SPZ, which was developed together with Dornbirn City Library and which got reopened a month ago. Then, Franziska Klien talked about Dornbirn City Library´s efforts to educate multipliers in reading and speech promotion.

In the afternoon, Andrea Kaufmann, the mayor of Dornbirn, told us about the new cultural model of Dornbirn and the importance and support that libraries in Dornbirn get. An interesting and enriching discussion about the use of volunteers followed.

After that we got a lecture from Reinhard Ehgartner, director of the Austrian Library Association, about developing new programms and the importance of cooperation and taking on ideas from outside of the library.

The first project meeting of the week, where we discussed open questions about the products of our project, marked the end of the working day.

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