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A look back: “Library – I love it” meeting in Dornbirn: Wednesday

We started the day at Rohrbach public library, one of the libraries in Dornbirn Library Network. They introduced us to their daily work as well as current projects and ways of involving the community in library marketing. Hearing Rohrbach public librariy´s impressive figures, we saw that volunteer led libraries can be an amazing enrichment for the community , if they get continuous support from professional librarians as well as the resources they need.

In addition, we also got to hear from Irma Fussenegger, a librarian at Dornbirn City Library, about the creative writing class she leads and the support and feeling of community people of different backgrounds can give each other in such a safe and creative environment.

Afterwards, Franziska Tschofen, also working at Dornbirn City Library, gave a lecture about the library´s view on modern librarianship as well as current and planned digital programms.

In the afternoon, we went to Bregenz to see the Landesmuseum, the historical museum of he region. We got to see the whole exhibition and could also enjoy a literary contribution about our most famous local writer, Franz-Michael Felder, from our guide.

After coming back to Dornbirn, Alexandra Zawelka-Hawel showed us a video about the meetings of the last two years before we said our final goodbyes at the last farewell dinner of the Project.

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