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Feedbacks from Dornbirn Public Library in Austria.


Dornbirn was the final stop of the project for some of us. Therefore, a very valuable place for me. In addition, I found one more reason that is important. Our driver who met with us at Zurich Airport was a young Turk. According to him, thousands of Turkish people were living in the city of Dornbirn. This is why Dornbirn would be different for us.

I need to say that the program of Dornbirn Public Library was very well. In particular, librarians, activities, services and the nature was great. It was a small city filled with the libraries. I appreciate provided physical conditions, service for customers and the loyalty is shown to work. Volunteers work as a librarian up to 45 hours a week. This laboring has surprised me very much. Also, they can take responsibility as a Librarians. It’s a bit of question mark! You can’t see this possibility in Turkey and other countries.

I think, Mrs. Andrea Kaufmann who is a Mayor of the city’s is a major chance. An attitude that longed for me to give so much value and support libraries as a politician. It was great to see her that spent a long time with us in the library. Dr. Reinhard Ehgartner who is the Director of Austrian Library Association and his presentation were very impressive. I really impressed because of his project about parents with babies for providing the reading habit.

During the program, the chance of meeting with Turkish children was one of the most important moments for me. I was delighted with their performance near the warming of speaking the same language.


According to me, the most important moments were a surprise of Dr. Ulrike Unterthurner who is a Director of Dornbirn Public Library. I’d like to so many thanks her. Because, she thought a chance to express ourselves with own culture and language. Will never forget the interactive, multilingual and multicultural performances that serve a purpose of “Library. I Love It!”. Also, I congratulate the great team of Dornbirn Public Library for excellent program, nice hosting and good charity.

The performance of Loly Leon who is a director of Arucas Public Library was very well and challenging. I must confess that her fairy tale was an emotional for me because of her voice, body language and contact with audience. Her second interactive comic story gave an idea that telling stories with correct mimics in interactive forms are good tools to express correct and beautiful attitude to the children. Also, I have to say that she is saying nice folk song in Turkish.


Moments in Dornbirn were really emotional and cheerful. I don’t want to say the last stop for Austria. I believe that we will achieve better projects than “Library. I Love It!”.

Each end is a beginning!

Congratulations to Stadtbücherei Dornbirn.

Vielen Dank!!!

Okan Karagöz



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