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Observations from Olomouce Public Library in The Czech Republic.


I have aspired so much for going to The Czech Republic. Because, Croatia where was a previous mobility was about 7 months ago. I believe that a meeting with friends again is much better after long seperation. Secondly, Czech and Turkish people do not know each other very well. It was a nice chance for me. In particular, I’m grateful library staff and other people those I met for their hospitality.

Choosing praque as the first stop of the mobility was a good idea. Providing the opportunity to visit the precious city by our host was a nice gesture for us. I have to say that The Czech Republic is protecting very well their history and culture. You can understant this point. When you tour cities and talk to people.

National Library firstly charms you with its arcitectural. After, collections. In particular, I was interested about library activities of SKIP organization in Praque. A material goods and moral support of voluntary foundation for librares is worth appreciation. I wish to increase of the associations such as SKIP in all countries. I’d like to thank all librarians for a detailed presentation and the tour.

Especially, while watching the magical city of Kafka from the tower of National Library. You are travelling to another dimension.


A city is at the center of our mobility.
Smaller but more pleasant.
More distant but more sincere.

When Kristyna who is a librarian in Knihovna města Olomouce has asked to me during the radio interview.  “Prague or Olomouc?” I said definitely Olomouce. Because our friends and our hearts are here.

Czech people like to reading. Their rich literary heritage proves this occasion. Activities in their library that organised for children and elderly people are very useful for being a centre of attraction in public life.  An application caught my attention was the thematic suitcases for kids. I believe that children can spend time with their families and is very beautiful to love reading.

Furthermore, I believe activities of memory training are very useful to remember our potential forgetfulness. The exercises for memory training were so interesting and enjoyable. No & Yes….

The Cultural and social activities beside the library event was like therapy for all of us. In particular, the ballet performance “Rusalka” was the nice surprise of that night. As a Turk, this mobility was delighting in terms of recognition Czech people, their history and culture.

Congratulations to Knihovna města Olomouce.

Děkuji mnohokrát!!!

Okan Karagöz



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