About the project

In the project “LIBRARY. I LOVE IT!” takes part eight municipal libraries from Austria, Croatia, Finland, Italy, Poland, Spain, the Czech Republic and Turkey. The focus of the project is to expose the role of contemporary libraries in the life of local European communities as vital centers of lifelong learning. It is aim is the development and acquirement of competencies  by the participants, which, used in further work, will cause personal, social and professional growth.
This, in consequence, will allow to increase the attractiveness of European libraries and will bring measurable benefits to their users. It will also cause wider interest of local communities in libraries, which will translate to higher interest in learning, reading and aware civic activity. In the course of the project, meetings in each partner library are planned. Each meeting consists of 3 thematic parts:
“Boast!” – a presentation of key actions of a partner-host in the area of lifelong learning.
“Learn!” – workshops, seminars, presentation of proven methods.
“See!” – visiting places connected to learning, in broad sense.
An inter-cultural dialog will develop in the course of the project. During the activities the participants will get to know each other and their countries. Among measurable effect of this will be the “Inspirer of the Modern Librarian” – an international guide for modern-thinking, creative librarians in Europe. This knowledge, new methods and tools, cognition of European cultures will become the basis for our further cooperation in the international arena, will contribute to strengthening the role of libraries and bring tangible benefits to local communities.

The project runs from 1th August 2013 to 31th July 2015.




4 thoughts on “About the project

  1. We are waiting for meeting with you with joyfully. We are training English and we ordered gold polish autumn:)
    Librarians from Piekary

    Posted by piekary | August 30, 2013, 10:52 am
  2. We are happy to see you again and meet new friends vera soon!
    Librarians from Korcula

    Posted by gradskaknjiznicaivanvidali | October 15, 2013, 3:24 pm
  3. Amazing experiences in Rome! Thanks a lot Monica, Roberto and many others, who showed us their work and beautiful town. We are waiting for you in the Czech Republic.
    Librarians Hanka and my colleague from the Czech Republic

    Posted by Hana Effenbergerová | June 23, 2014, 10:13 am
  4. many thanks to all of you for your kind words about the visit to Rome. for us it was great to welcome you and we hope to see you again here.

    Posted by roberto.pomettini | June 30, 2014, 12:35 pm

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