City Library Dornbirn, Austria

The City Library Dornbirn is the biggest public library in Austria’s most Western province of Vorarlberg. As the town’s main library it is responsible for seven branch libraries in different districts. The library has undertaken various measures to set itself up as a lifelong learning centre by respond to people’s needs. The educational and training programme has a focus on people of different ages e.g., cross-generation activities and family education. The library offers different programmes for adult learners with a special focus on seniors and migrants. The library has experience with producing learning materials including eLearning modules, puts emphasis on the integration of cultural diversity in training programmes with a particular reference to learners with different cultural backgrounds and learners with special needs. Beside that the library supports professionals in promoting literacy and creating a “reading/educational environment” and offers training to volunteers. The library plays an important role in local and regional cultural life. It organizes a wide range of cultural events such as thematic exhibitions, lectures, play readings, dialect and creative writing workshops e.g. The library has built up cooperations with different organziations (adult education, school, VET, archive, museums e.g.) and regional action groups (migrant organisations, family-education, environment).


StadtbüchereiDSC_0374 DSC_8016 IMG_9258_ IMG_9292_



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