City Library of Iisalmi, Finland

The City Library of Iisalmi is the largest library in the Upper Savo region. It consists of the main library and the mobile car. The library has a wide range of services starting from lending out books, magazines and movies to free internet access and digitizing services. Our motto is to offer friendly service and a collection of high quality to our customers. This is achieved by making sure that library’s collection consists mostly of material that is up to date and easily available. On the other hand our mission is to preserve, so we have for example a large collection of literature dealing local history. The staff evaluates library’s collection on regular basis in order to ensure that outdated and otherwise defect material is removed from the shelves. But we do not simply throw books away. The used book sale is very popular among customers and especially children’s books are sold like hotcakes.

Our customer base is broad and we aim to keep the library space open for everyone. We co-operate with seniors and immigrants by teaching them different kind of skills needed in information society. Our staff is professional and helpful and prides in offering efficient solutions to our customer’s needs. The landscape of modern library work is in constant change, so it is very important that the staff keeps up with this development. We are constantly exploring new areas like social media and other web based services and try to use them to enrich traditional library work. Among our most important activities are also services aimed to children and young people. We co-operate with local upper secondary schools and institutes by teaching library use and offer preselected lists of books for them on separate website (Nuorten netti). By reading these books children can get a diploma of literature and benefit from it in their studies. Young adults can also work a short time as a trainee in the library – it is a quite popular place for practical training.

The architecture of the main library building is elegant Finnish design: spacy, white and wooden. It is a central place in the middle of IIsalmi where you can come to study, meet friends and of course to make loans from library’s collection. The library plays an important role in local cultural life as half of the inhabitants are borrowers. The City Library of Iisalmi is also part of Rutakko-network, which consists of six other main libraries in the Upper Savo region. The co-operation between libraries is active and customers can loan material from any of them with just one library card. We welcome everyone to visit our library and use its excellent services!




kULTTUURIKESKUS Adults departament _MG_4191



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