Korčula City Library Ivan Vidali, Croatia

Korčula City Library Ivan Vidali continues the tradition of librarianship which is very old in this area. (from the 15th cent.). It is one of significant cultural centres not only of the Town of Korčula, but of the whole island of Korčula (cca. 20.000 inhabitans). There are about 10.000 registered library users per year.
Korčula City Library serves as a center of discovery and communication – place where people gather and where information come alive through teaching and personal interaction, where the innovative programs which bring new people into the library are supported and extend the library’s role into the community.
The library established Local History Department with a role of digitalisation and preservation of the heritage and organization of scientific symposiums, discussions, lectures, exhibitions, and other cultural events with local themes.
Also, Korčula City Library has a native library edition, with the aim of continuous publication of literary works of local authors in the area of the island. We put special attention to work with customers,  specially young people in order to promote books reading, life long learning and socially beneficial leisure. Many of our users are actively involved in different library programs, and what is important they are doing that voluntarily. Library organises various literary and art workshops for young adults and adults, workshops for children and for children with special needs and all that run by the volunteers from the local community, people who are experts and who support the work of the library.
As we are on an island, a bit isolated, one of the important role of the library is  to develop technological and computer skills among its users which will then connect them with the whole world. A special attention is paid to continuous learning and professional developmet of the library staff.





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