Library of the City Olomouc, the Czech Republic

The Library of the City Olomouc is municipal library. It was founded in 1889, but nowadays is very modern library which provides library, bibliographic and information services of 21st century.
The library has a central building, 6 other branches in the city and 9 small libraries in suburbs. We also look after 130 libraries in our district. The central building and one of our branches are historical buildings and we open them under the scope of the European Heritage Days. In 2001 we built our Internet centre (as a result of one EU’s program) – room with 12 computer places. We started with free internet for public and free courses available to residents of Olomouc, with a special focus on minority groups (senior citizens, unemployed, mothers after maternity leave).
Olomouc is city with a long history and the Library itself creates an electronic database of the personalities of the Central Moravia, which is available on-line and which is used every year to as a source for the printed Calendar of the Personalities of the Central Moravia. We support families (we got award “The family friendly society” )and prepare a lot of activities for them, especially for social endangered, when the library is full of activities for children and their parents. To interested young people to environment protection we offer every year a trivia contest named “The Man and the Earth”.
For all people who want to write, but they afraid of it, library announce a literary contest “First work” ending with an award ceremony and the issuance of a collection of entries.
To be centre of communal life we prepare two the periodic evenings – musician “Gramoparty or Shared Joy”, where the introduction to various classical and modern musical genres is performed by the participants themselves – music enthusiasts and amateurs, and Travelparty, which prepare travellers from the group of our readers. We debate with cultural and political celebrities at Literary Cafés.
We support multicultural education by the projects “Living Library” or “The day of…” with real people from foreign country. Big bomb of our marketing is video journal which prepare our librarians.




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