Municipal Public Library in Arucas, Spain

The Municipal Public Library in Arucas is a very dynamic and cultural place in the city. Nowadays, it is the main source of information, education and entertainment for the township population (approx. 37,000 inhabitants).

To meet these needs, the library develops numerous projects to promote reading, both independently and in cooperation with public and private institutions.
It particularly appreciates the collaboration with schools and libraries in other municipalities:
a) Schools: annually, it develops a program of activities that includes nine different lines of action for the promotion of reading among children and youth.
b) Libraries:  14 years ago, the Public Library of Arucas started to organize an annual forum for the heads of the different libraries of the island of Gran Canaria, which has contributed to the training of librarians and to energize their libraries.
Two of the main objectives of the Public Library of Arucas are the preservation and dissemination of local memory. For this, they carry on different projects aimed at all ages, but particularly for the elder population to promote the encounter between generations.
The Public Library of Arucas is active in the field of lifelong learning. It organizes a great number of activities with social and cultural content for the whole population, such as: thematic exhibitions, courses and workshops, storytelling sessions, concerts, literary competitions, reading clubs, etc.   In 2012, for example, more than 50,000 users made use of the library resources and participated in several of their activities.


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