Metropolitan Capital City of Rome, The Culture, Sport and Leisure Time Department, Italy

The “Culture, Sport and Leisure time” Department of the Metropolitan Capital City of Rome coordinates and sustains the activities of cultural institutions, such as libraries, museums and historical archives.

It includes the “Libraries Network” Direction Office with the Provincial Library of Rome http://biblioteca-provinciale.provincia.roma.it/ and the Provincial libraries System http://sistema-bibliotecario.provincia.roma.it/ .

The “Libraries Network” Direction Office promotes good practices, focusing on the development of libraries activities and services for patrons.

The main axes are:

  • Participation in European projects for libraries and fundraising activities
  • Development of digital services
  • Promotion of the integration between different cultures
  • Launch of a new cultural centerfor the preservationand enhancementof the memory, the traditions and local identities; the reopeningof the historicLibraryof the Province ofRome
  • Promotion ofthe libraries network with different initiatives, also through the collaborationwithdifferent public/private local services
  • Liaisewith universities andlocal/national institutionsfor research, training of staff and users, development of projects for implementing supply and services.

The Metropolitan City of Rome Capital is a vast area local institution, that has the competence on the territorial development, promotion and integrated services management.

Due to an administrative reorganization of the local authorities since January 2015 The Metropolitan City of Rome Capital replaced the Province of Rome.

The local government authority represents 121 borough councils (including the city of Rome Capital) within the Region of Latium: the territory of the Metropolitan City of Rome Capital coincides with the previous Province of Rome, for a total of 4,340,000 inhabitants in an area of 5,352 km².







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